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Zostań administratorem tej strony. Szukamy osób zaradnych, z inicjatywą i chęcią zrobienia czegoś pożytecznego dla swojej lokalnej polskiej społeczności. Sprawdź koniecznie teraz pozostałe korzyści i napisz do nas.

Watchdog orders Gwent Police to tighten up on how it records crime

Gwent Police and North Wales Police were among 13 forces which came under the scrutiny of Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary.

Wales gets set for Nato summit against backdrop of 'utmost gravity'

First Minister and Welsh Secretary host pre-summit reception at Foreign Office as Ukraine crisis deepens

Nato Summit 2014: Businesses near Cardiff Ring of Steel claim trade has dropped by a third since fence was erected

The nine-foot-high fence is part of extensive security preparations for working dinners in the capital during the two-day international showcase

David Cameron and pro-UK supporters make economic case for Scotland staying in the union

Plaid Cymru MP Hywel Williams insists momentum is now on the side of the pro-independence campaign

Training federation hits out at plans to cut funding for skills training and apprenticeships by £7m

National Training Federation for Wales said planned changes could prevent current apprentices from fulfilling their programme

Mounting stress and workload demand to blame for rising NHS Wales sickness absence levels

The Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust fared the worst with 8.1% of contracted hours lost to ill health between January and March 2014

Nato Summit 2014: 'Barack Obama's visit will be another profound moment in the history of US and Welsh relations'

US Ambassador Matthew Barzun predicts 'an especially warm welcome' for the President ahead of Nato Summit

'Humiliated' Ian Gough ordered to pay £2,130 for assaulting ex Miss Wales Sophia Cahill days after she got engaged to pop star Dane Bowers

The 37-year-old has been convicted for attacking Miss Cahill days after she became engaged to pop star Dane Bowers. He says he will appeal against the conviction

Trio of orphaned baby polecats found in West Wales

Rare creatures discovered abandoned in Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion over two month period

Business start-up figures hailed as Jobs Growth Wales job creation figures surpass 15,000 for the first time

Flagship youth employment scheme was set up in 2012 in a bid to get unemployed young people into work

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